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Prepare for the Pacific cyclone season

posted: 9:00 am - 5th December 2018

The Pacific cyclone season officially runs from November 1 to April 30, with tropical cyclones bringing heavy rainfall, high winds, and storm surges. With the New Zealand MetService forecasting seven to 11 named tropical cyclones this season, it is important for those visiting the Pacific region this holiday season to be aware of what is happening, and prepared for any emergency. Read more

Identity fuels fashion

posted: 11:00 am - 29th November 2018

Showcasing Fou designs at the Pacific Aotearoa Vision Summit was not just an opportunity to gain exposure for the Auckland-based clothing brand, but a chance for its designers to reveal what Pacific Aotearoa means to them through their garments - a fusion of traditional and new. Read more

Cultural relevance to STEM lessons

posted: 10:00 am - 29th November 2018

Many of the Tokelauan community in Porirua belong to Atafu Tokelau Community Group which helps to provide cultural, educational programmes, social support services, as well as a community facility in the city. One motivation behind the group is to increase Tokelau youth and their families’ level of awareness about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), working with STEM organisations and educational providers. Read more

Hunger for cultural knowledge

posted: 9:00 am - 29th November 2018

Spurred on by her children’s hunger to learn about their culture, Maria Fuata is doing everything she can to ensure the survival of the Rotuman language. Read more

New additions to the MPP aiga

posted: 11:00 am - 25th November 2018

November has seen several new members join the MPP aiga. They each bring a wealth of experience to the Ministry. Read more