A show of Vagahau Niue oration

posted: 2:30 pm - 16th October 2017
Tahira Viviani of Alfriston College

Winners of this year’s Polyfest Niue senior speech competition showcased their winning speeches at the launch of Vagahau Niue Language Week, held over the weekend at the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

Keali’i Hekau of Manurewa High School and Tahira Viviani of Alfriston College delivered their speeches to the Niuean community of about 200 people attending.

The audience loudly applauded both speeches from the two gifted and talented speakers.

The opening of Vagahau Niue Language Week inspires and empowers young Niueans to speak and uphold their language.

Keali’i and Tahira’s triumphant speeches found the language week platform extremely inspiring and rewarding, which enabled them to perform in front of their families and the Niuean community.

Both found public speaking intellectually and culturally challenging.

The 2017 Pacific Polyfest Speech Competition was sponsored by Auckland Transport, and proudly supported by New Zealand Police.

Check out Keali’i and Tahira’s views on the importance of Vagahau Niue.