From shy to successfully employed

posted: 8:30 am - 23rd March 2018
Sione Talia and Adam Banaba2.

(Picture caption: Sione Talia, left, and Adam Banaba.) 

Sione Talia has gone from being extremely shy and replying to questions with one-word answers, to being an effective communicator and successfully employed, all thanks to the Pacific Employment Support Service (PESS).

By working with providers In-Work NZ, SENZ, Skills Update and Training Institute and Solomon Group, the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) funded PESS programme aims at helping young Auckland and Hamilton-based people find sustainable employment, education or training opportunities.

These providers motivate, train and match young people to jobs or education that best fit them.

Sione was referred to In-Work from a friend and then enrolled onto the PESS Programme.

When the team first met Sione, he was very shy and quiet but looking for full-time employment.

Shanee Edmonds, the In-Work PESS-Co-Ordinator says the team soon discovered Sione was extremely well-organised - he even carried a brief case with all of his documents, including his passport and curriculum vitae in it.   

During Sione’s time at In-Work, he has developed key work skills such as time management and communication.

He has never been late for an appointment and it was important his communication skills improved as poor communication is one of the biggest problems with our youth searching for work, Shanee says.  

“Sione also successfully passed his Restricted Drivers’ Licence, managed to get himself a car and he gained interview skills where he learned how to break out of his shell and bury his habit of answering with one word answers.”

While Sione was at In-Work, an employer who works closely with Shanee was looking for a candidate who was fit, reliable, a team player and could communicate well.

“Without hesitation I sent Sione’s CV and an interview was scheduled the following week - Sione interviewed so well he was offered the job and the spot,” Shanee says.

“Since being employed at Auckland Live Set Up, I have heard nothing but good news about Sione.

“I also hear that our once shy youth will be getting married in July.”

Adam Banaba is the Set up and Duty Operations Manager at Auckland Live Employer who employed Sione and says his experience working with the In-Work team has been a breeze.  

“I like that In-Work provides a platform for Pacific youth and encourages our Pacific Island youth to seek professional development both personally and in a work place,” Adam says. 

“The process is fantastic, and I like how there is a drive to assist candidates with pre-employment assistance.”

 Over the past few years, Adam’s organisation has used In-Work to source new staff and he says he is always impressed with the calibre of recruits In-Work put forward.

 “In addition to this one of the candidates I hired started as an event set-up attendant and has since been promoted to Supervisor.”

 Adam says he highly recommends using providers such as In-Work.

 “Having these platforms is a great way to encourage Pacific youth to get out there and seek employment with the hope they take other opportunities to further their careers.”

If you would like to learn more about the PESS initiative, visit MPP.