Ministry lends support to S.A.A.S.I.A

posted: 11:29 am - 3rd October 2017

Over the weekend, the Ministry sponsored the Sosaiete A’oga Amata Samoa i Aotearoa (SAASIA) Conference, which was held at the Brentwood Hotel in Wellington.

The Ministry’s educational goal is to support Pacific education and in particular, early childhood education.

“Education underpins all the goals we have for New Zealand’s future,” says Ministry for Pacific Peoples Chief Executive Officer Laulu Mac Leauanae.

 “All parents want the best for their children.”

“The reason why Pacific people come to New Zealand is that they want to provide their children with better education, and the best opportunity they can have.”

“Supporting the achievement of Pacific people in education means more than just helping organisations like S.A.A.S.I.A to empower Pacific languages in education, and especially early childhood.”

The Ministry’s role is to ensure that Pacific languages remain relevant and continue to be promoted across the educational sector.

“We all know how important it is for very young children to take part in early childhood education.”

“The Ministry puts a focus on early childhood education because we know the benefits continue through school and right throughout life.”

“We are pleased to fund the S.A.A.S.I.A conference to support Samoan Early Childhood Centres in their efforts to give Pacific children who aren’t already in early childhood education access to the Centres.”

Laulu applaud S.A.A.S.I.A’s efforts for making a difference to the future of the Samoan community and young people and their ongoing work to make a difference for Pasifika children and their families.

There are about 133 early childhood education services that use Pacific languages. This includes 13 centres which identify as a Pacific ECE centre. Some are immersion services, and some use English as well. All are important in making early childhood education accessible to Pacific communities.

Many, including representatives from various Samoa Early Childhood Centres from across the region, attended the conference.