Our Pacific way to say 'Thank You'

posted: 10:30 pm - 24th October 2017
Minister Ngaro staff

Hon. Alfred Ngaro delivered his “Thank You” speech with inspirational, moving and humourous goodbye messages to Ministry staff as he relinquished his role as Minister for Pacific Peoples.

In his speech, Mr Ngaro reiterated the importance of serving Pacific families and communities.

“It’s been a joyful journey for me to lead, support and advocate strongly for Pacific matters, ensuring Pacific people have the best opportunities available to them.”

“I keep asking myself what it is that we can deliver in our role and what difference we can make.”

Mr Ngaro says the work being done by the Ministry is on track to achieve its future goals.

He jokingly says that part of the pleasure of working with Ministry staff has been the professional response of "Yes Minister" humour, being seated in the front row at events and having a chauffeur.

On a serious note, Mr Ngaro reminded Ministry staff to never lose the essence of who they are and continue to do the best work they can.

“We have so much to offer and there's so much we can do. Even though I will no longer be serving in this role, I will continue to support the work of the Ministry and look forward to their future endeavors.”

Mr Ngaro’s message to staff is to work harder and work smarter.

He thanks the Ministry’s executive team and staff.

“From my heart, thank you. It really means a lot to me to be here today. I have no doubt you will all be successful at whatever you attempt in the future and I know you will continue to use your skills to contribute to the betterment of our Pacific communities in New Zealand.”

Ministry for Pacific Peoples Chief Executive Officer Laulu Mac Leauanae acknowledged Mr Ngaro’s leadership, his openness, innovative ideas and approaches. 

“Thank you on behalf of our communities. It’s been a real honour to work with you. I, and everyone here wish you all the very best for the future.”

Mr Ngaro joined Ministry staff for lunch and took the time to catch up with staff individually.