Reforming New Zealand’s public sector

posted: 6:00 am - 13th September 2018
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(Picture caption: MPP is helping to facilitate consultation with Pacific communities and Pacific public servants on the public sector reform.)

The law that formed the public service New Zealand has today was created three decades ago.

It is time to update the state sector and public finance laws to make sure our public service has the leadership, agility and adaptability it needs to best serve the people of Aotearoa, and the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP) is helping make this happen.

New Zealand now needs government departments to join up and work together more often, and be quicker and more flexible in how they change to meet new demands.

This can be done by taking a more sophisticated, compassionate and citizen-focused approach that puts the people being served at the heart of every decision, every time.

This includes acknowledging the special relationship between the Crown and Māori.

Currently in New Zealand, a public sector reform is taking place, with the goal of creating a more flexible, agile and adaptive public service which reflects the people it serves.

Chief Legal Counsel at MPP Susanne Frances says the Ministry is helping to facilitate consultation with Pacific communities and Pacific public servants, by hosting two meetings. 

The first fono was in Wellington on September 12 and the second will be staged in Auckland, on September 20. 

“We are also making a collective submission authentically representing those Pacific voices that have provided MPP with their thoughts on the reform,” Susanne says.

While the consultation is aimed at Pacific public servants, MPP would like to hear from anyone in the Pacific community about their views on the public sector reform.

It is important MPP takes a lead role in the reform because it is the Crown’s principal advisor on policies and interventions that improve outcomes for Pacific peoples, Susanne says.

“The changes that will come about from these reforms are expected to remain in place for the next 30 years.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to help shape the state services to better provide outcomes for Pacific peoples in New Zealand and to be more representative of Pacific communities,” she adds.

The public sector reform is about creating a modern public service for a modern New Zealand - with leaders who take joint responsibility for big issues; a workforce ready and willing to move where it needs to; and organisations that can move and flex with changing times, issues and needs.

This reform has a commitment to Māori - by weaving the intention of the Treaty of Waitangi in to our Public Service, we can enhance the relationship between public servants and Māori and work together to respond to Māori issues and deliver better results.

The reform provides a toolkit for a more flexible public service, which could include public service executive boards; public service joint-ventures; and executive agencies.

Leading better outcomes and services are a priority of the reform, along with sourcing the best people for the job at hand, and building trust among the government, public servants and the communities in New Zealand.

Have your say

MPP wants to hear from anyone who identifies as Pacific, whether or not they are public servants. The Ministry is happy to receive feedback in writing or in person and the feedback received will be incorporated into the collective submission it is working on.

Contact Susanne Frances, on +64274937531 or via email - to have your voice heard.

For more information, visit HERE.