Speech competition revives Samoan language

posted: 12:05 pm - 28th August 2017
Speech comp 2

The Samoan national speech competition held earlier this month in Christchurch with the theme “Ma’au i lou ofaga. Maua’a lou faasinomaga” (which translates to ‘Keeping your identity alive to thrive’), saw the most talented speakers battling it out.

Participants were selected from their regional competitions and travelled to Christchurch to compete with the best in the national finals.

The competition was divided into three categories; 3 minutes for juniors, 5 minutes for intermediate and 6 minutes for senior students. It showcased some amazing young orators.

The speech competition was organised by Fa’alapotopotoga mo le A'oa'oina o le Gagana Samoa i Aotearoa (F.A.G.A.S.A. Incorporated), an organisation that strongly advocates support for the use of the Samoan language, and learning Samoan in NZ schools.

The contest contributes as a tool in reviving the Samoan language and in helping young people speak and retain it.

FAGASA National competition winners for 2017:

Year 5

First — Cecilia Alapae Satui (Aukilani)

2nd — Grace Afualo (Aukilani)

3rd — Carmen (Aukilani)

4th — Aigafealofani (Aukilani)

Year 6

First — Giorvanni Leupolu (Aukilani)

2nd — Amaleila Tiatia (Karaiesetete)

3rd — Nevaiahlia Leuamuli (Aukilani)

4th — Agnes Taefu (Aukilani)

Year 7

First — Penelope Tanuvasa (Aukilani)

2nd (equal) - Praise Saumani (Auki) & Fesuia’i Taiulu (Karaiesetete)

3rd — Puao Ofisa (Aukilani)

4th — Lagimaina Tulaga (Aukilani)

Year 8

First — June Samuel (Ueligitone)

2nd — Wayne Magele (Tanetini)

3rd — Nese Duane

4th — Mattewaso Afamasaga (Aukilani)

Year 9

First — Ruby Seupepe Ah Yek (Tanetini)

2nd — Jarrod Gali (Karaiesetete)

3rd — Tofa Futi (Ueligitone)

4th — Meleseke Iosefo (Karaiesetete)

Year 10

First — Api Tau Sio (Ueligitone)

2nd — David Faalau-Solia (Aukilani)

3rd — Temukisa Fetuao (Karaiesetete)

4th — Fuatai Maka (Karaiesetete)

Year 11

First — Pualaga Tuai’aufa’i (Ueligitone)

2nd — Gloria Su’a (Karaiesetete)

3rd — (equal) Harry Young & Madonna Tui (Ueligitone)

4th — Lapana Tagataese (Ueligitone)

Year 12

First — Meauli Aumalaga (Ueligitone)

2nd — Marcus Tuma’ai (Ueligitone)

3rd — Taualai Sola (Ueligitone)

4th — Lili’a Manu (Karaiesetete)

Year 13

First — (equal) Perez Tariu & Vai Mariner (Karaiesetete)

2nd — Faustina Dhillon (Ueligitone)

3rd — William Fruean (Ueligitone)

4th — Titi Ma Sun (Karaiesetete).