The belief to achieve

posted: 3:00 pm - 23rd February 2018

After leaving school, Hemi Cullen (pictured) wanted a job, but struggled on how to go about finding employment.

 The Mangere-based 21-year-old had not worked for many years and he did not know how to go out and find a job, he says.

 “I thought no one would employ me - I think I am hard-working but kept on getting declined so I kind of gave up,” Hemi says.

 However, Hemi’s determination to find a job won over in the end, and he joined the Pacific Employment Support Service (PESS).

 Funded by the Ministry for Pacific Peoples (MPP), the PESS programme aims to help young Pacific people in Auckland and Hamilton find sustainable employment, education or training opportunities by working with four providers.

The providers - InWork, SENZ, Skills Update, Training Institute and Solomon Group - motivate, train and match young people to jobs or education that best fit them.

Through the assistance and guidance of the team at Solomon Group, Hemi gained the confidence to apply for jobs, and to go out and get what he wanted.

“Ana (Cullen, Employment Navigator at Solomon Group) helped me heaps,” Hemi says,

 “She helped me with a CV, and helped me get my current job.

 “Ana spoke to that boss about a couple of small issues which I thought would eliminate me from getting the role but he told me to start on Monday - I was over the moon.”

 Hemi iscurrently working for The Moving Company, in Auckland.

He enjoys the routine of getting up for work every morning, and also solving problems that arise throughout the work-day.

 “As a furniture removalist, I started in the warehouse and now I am out on the trucks with the boys,” he says.

 “I am really keen to now try and work my way up to get my truck licence – one step at a time.

 “I’ve been in my job for a while now and it is mean as.”

  Click HERE if you are interested in finding out more about the PESS initiative.