Toloa Application Form 2016

Tell us about yourself

Course of study

Candidates for undergraduate degrees must have achieved NCEA Level 3 with Merit or Excellence passes in STEM subjects relevant to the proposed degree course.

Work experience/Employment History

Please advise if any other members of your family have achieved tertiary qualifications and if so, the relationship to that person (e.g. mother, father, sister, brother, cousin) and the qualification achieved.

Academic Record

Please attach/upload evidence (certified true copies) of your most recent academic achievement to date confirming NCEA Level 3 results and/or tertiary academic transcript.

For undergraduate degree applications, please upload both your NCEA Level 2 results and your NCEA Level 3 results.

For postgraduate degree applications, please provide a full transcript of your undergraduate degree results.

Please advise if you are waiting for confirmation of final marks for NCEA Level 3 for 2016. If so, please provide your current known results for 2016.
Please provide details of any academic, Pacific, community or cultural awards and/or scholarships you have received. Include the name of the award/scholarship, dates, amount awarded and duration of the award/scholarship.

Financial Context

In no more than 200 words, please outline your financial need for the scholarship to successfully complete your studies.

Commitment to Pacific communities

In no more than 250 words outline your involvement and contribution to your Pacific community.
In no more than 250 words outline any situations where you have been in a leadership role and identify the qualities you displayed.

Study plan and future aspirations

In no more than 250 words, please provide a study plan and highlight your career aspirations.

Family and community

In no more than 250 words, what impact will this scholarship have on your family and community?


Please attach/upload at least two written character references from two independent referees to illustrate your ability to meet the criteria of the scholarship, your potential to advancing positive outcomes in the Pacific community and why you deserve a STEM scholarship. The referees must be of appropriate standing (e.g. a church minister, school teacher, school principal, youth worker etc.) For school leavers one referee should be from their last secondary school. The references will be confidential to the selection panel.


How your information will be used

I understand that:

  1. The Ministry for Pacific Peoples (The Ministry) is collecting the personal information on this form from me for the purposes of the Toloa STEM Scholarships.
  2. My personal information is provided to the Ministry for the purposes of processing my application and for Toloa Scholarship promotional purposes in some cases and I authorise my personal information to be used for these purposes.
  3. The Ministry is collecting and holding the information and the address is: Ministry for Pacific Peoples, Level 1, 101 to 103 The Terrace, PO Box 833, Wellington. The Ministry can be contacted by email at:
  4. My personal information is being provided voluntarily. If all the information requested is not provided, there are no consequences except where it may affect eligibility for applying for the Scholarship. I am entitled to have access to and to request correction of the personal information held by The Ministry.

By typing your name here, you are electronically signing this form. A copy of your email and form will be kept for our records.


Please ensure that you have attached/uploaded certified copies of your birth certificate or passport, academic records and referee references.

References will be confidential to the Selection Panel.

Please ensure attachments are labelled clearly.

The Ministry will not follow up any incomplete applications or accept late applications.

For further queries please email or call 04 473 4493 to speak to Ofania Ikiua.