Staff Profiles

The Ministry offers many opportunities for professional growth. Find out what it's like to work here and how a career at the Ministry can benefit you.

Richard Selave

General Manager Capability Development

Richard Selave GM Capability Development3Richard began his public service career at the State Services Commission many years ago and has gone on to work in the wider public sector for 11 years before joining the Ministry for Pacific Peoples' team.  He says the opportunity to make a difference to New Zealanders, and in particular Pacific peoples, is a great motivator. 

Richard says there are so many opportunities here.  “You’re contributing to the well being of our country, and I think that’s really important.  Coming to the Ministry for Pacific Peoples and taking up this role has been a significant milestone for me and my career. I have, for the first time in my work, been able to integrate my skills with my desire to contribute to my community."

Richard says there is a need for more Pacific people in public sector roles.  “We need more Pacific people in the sector, and especially in management and leadership roles.”  Something Richard says the Ministry for Pacific Peoples is determined to make happen.  

Diane Fenika 

Senior Regional Advisor

Diane Fenika Senior Regional AdvisorDiane is very proud of her 16 years of service in the public sector.  She started with the Ministry as a receptionist in the Southern regional office and then moved her way through administration and PA roles, before transitioning to engagement work with regional communications.  She says it’s a supportive environment and she’s proof there are pathways of development. 

Diane says she was able to see the work of the Ministry from many perspectives and when a role came up as a Regional Advisor she took it and is now Senior Regional Advisor. 

“What I enjoy most about working at the Ministry is meeting and talking with people, listening to what they have to share, their stories, experiences and views.  With any long standing relationship, especially in the public service, you earn their trust and respect.  And in return you will always have their support.  And that is priceless.”

Diane says working at the Ministry provides many opportunities for development.  “Pacific people love to engage and share stories so we can definitely excel and succeed at the Ministry.”

Kailah Saupese 

Human Resources co-ordinator

Kailah Saupese HR coordinatorKailah is the youngest staff member at the Ministry and she thoroughly enjoys knowing that in some way she is contributing to the success of Pacific people in New Zealand.

This is Kailah’s first role in the public sector, which she says is a great learning curve. “The private sector has a lot more money to play with, which allows them to be more flexible with resources, whereas the public sector operates with tax payers' money. This means we are more creative and strategic in how we use our resources.”

She says she recognised early on that the Ministry is an organisation where Pacific people can achieve success. “Being able to contribute to steering government policy is a huge benefit. This allows us to address important issues in New Zealand and advocate for our Pacific people by influencing other government agencies with our diverse Pacific understandings, as New Zealand is no longer operating in a ‘one way approach’", says Kailah.